Are You Embarrassed by The Current State of Your Online Presence?

You've got an awesome product or service, you know you've gotta brand yourself and set yourself apart from everyone in your Niche, but if you're totally being honest with yourself, you can't design yourself out of a paper bag!

You're not the most creative tool in the shed, but  you don't want to wait around on a graphic designer every time you want to post a quote to instagram, or add a new banner on your blog!

And the last thing you need is another 2000 word article on Color Theory or the psychology behind Tints and Hues.

Let's Be Totally Honest

You know what you like, you just need to know how to put it together so that you actually look like you know what you're doing online.

 You're sick and tired of feeling BRAND ENVY and you're just looking for a quick, hassle free, low-tech option to Creating the Social Media Graphics You use Most and you want them to look like you hired a pro.

If this sounds like you, then you will love 'Color Branding for Beginners'

Ditch the TECH DRAMA and Color Theory Lessons and just cut to the chase and start creating eye-catching Social Media Graphics that make you look like an online pro!

By the end of the course, not only will you'll have INCREASED Your Personal Brand Confidence and have an Established Color Palette, but you will also know how to create graphics for Your Social Media Profiles, Your Website, Your Sales Funnel, Promotional Items and Free Ebook Giveaways and More!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    How To Create a Gorgeous Brand Palette without Photoshop, Design Skills or Tech Drama...

    • Let's Get Started: Color Branding for Beginners

  • 2

    Lets Design the Top 5 Social Media Graphics You'll Use on a Consistent Basis

    • Canva Basics. Simple Way To Create a Font Palette + Organizing Your Work into Folders

    • Lesson 1. Create a Youtube Thumbnail

    • Lesson 2. Create Blog Sidebar Banners

    • Lesson 3. Create a Facebook Cover

    • Lesson 4. Create Instagram Photos & Quotes

    • Lesson 5. Create an Ebook Cover for List Building Giveaways!

  • 3

    Our New Branding Assets! The Final Result!

    • The Final Result and Your Next Step!

  • 4


    • Bonus #1: Brand Building Checklist

    • Bonus #2: How to Upload and Install Your New Blog Banner into Your Wordpress Sidebar

    • Bonus #3: Where to Find Awesome Quotes for Your Instagram Photos

  • 5


    • Recommended Resources

About the instructor

Your Online Business Coach

Barbie Figueroa

Barbie Has been Helping Independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Brand, Market and Grow their businesses online since 2004. She has a passion for empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs use the power of the Internet To Launch their Business Online and Leverage Systems that keep Selling 24/7 So you don't have to be present online all the time! She Teaches Foundational Branding Principles, Business Models and Video Marketing & Blogging. She also has experience as an Award Winning Affiliate Marketer!

Ditch the Embarrassment of a Boring Brand, and Learn How To Create an Eye-Catching Brand Palette that Makes You FEEL Like You Hired a Pro!

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