The 30-Minute Lead Magnet

Create a Quality Lead Magnet That Converts Leads Like Crazy in Just 30 Minutes, Without Hiring an Expensive Copywriter or Hiring a Graphics Designer

Never Run Out of Lead Magnet Ideas Again!

If You're building a business on the internet, you already know that you've got to start building a list!

Yup, You know you need a capture page, you know you need an autoresponder to send those cool automated little follow up emails that are going to help you rake in the sales...

But if you want your target prospects to enter your online sales process in the first place...

You've got to ENTICE THEM in!

In other words, if you want to collect someone's email for FREE then you need to give them something of VALUE in exchange for it!

If you want people's permission to continue to market to them now and in the future, you've gotta create a FREE GIVEAWAY offer that is so compelling, that people will happily give you their prized email address so that you can show up in their inbox on a regular basis.

But here's the problem.

You know you gotta give them something good...

And you know that this is the doorway into your sales process...

But How in the World Are you going to come up with CREATIVE CONTENT IDEAS for these critical lead-getting freemiums?

That's where the 30 Minute Lead Magnet Comes In!

The 30 Minute Lead Magnet is your answer to never running out of quality Lead Magnet Giveaways Ideas!

Inside the course You will not only learn how to create value-based Freebies that you're target audience will love, but you will learn how to SHORTCUT the process by using Content that already exists and use it as your own! (yes this is TOTALLY LEGAL!)

Enroll in this course Now to Equip yourself with the SKILLS You need to become a LEAD MAGNET Generating MACHINE!

Course Curriculum

Intro Video: How to Use This Course
Course Overview: What You are Going to Learn in the 4 Modules

What's included?

21 Videos
2 Texts
7 PDFs
Barbie Figueroa
Barbie Figueroa
Your Online Business Coach

About the instructor

Barbie Has been Helping Independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Brand, Market and Grow their businesses online since 2004. She has a passion for empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs use the power of the Internet To Launch their Business Online and Leverage Systems that keep Selling 24/7 So you don't have to be present online all the time! 

She Teaches Foundational Branding Principles, Business Models and Video Marketing & Blogging. She also has experience as an Award Winning Affiliate Marketer!

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